That America's Cup Buzz

The buzz of the America’s Cup is all around us! What a win! We have so much to be proud of when it comes to ETNZ, not to mention the fact that 3 of the crew have ties to Kerikeri. We can also be proud of our leaps and bounds in innovative yachting over the last 10 years. Kiwi ingenuity is the term that comes to mind. If someone suggested we will be flying (foiling) catamarans that can achieve 30 knots of speed in 6 knots of breeze, we would’ve replied “you’re dreamin’ mate!” ETNZ’s team work is another critical component of their success. This is an area the REAL team focuses on every day to bring about the best results for our customers.

Our sailing technology has come a long way in a short time, thanks to the information age. So, if the past is another country, then the future is another planet. With significant advances in Artificial Intelligence being the driving force behind anything from 3D printed houses to electric driverless cars and automotive design, automation and robotics is moving faster than ever before. So, in yet another 10 years, what sort of sailing will we be watching? That’s another thing for us to look forward to.

Being on our game with technology is one thing, but another crucial component for our boys is their team work which comes down to 6 fundamentals that we’ll mention shortly. After all, taking on 5 other syndicates with large budgets, impressive innovation of their own and IP sharing protocols means that we need to be on our game on both fronts. The other syndicates still use traditional sailing procedures and lines of command with the helmsman not only steering the boat, but also controlling the positioning of the foils, controlling the mainsheet during manoeuvres, and in the midst of all the chaos, he is also expected to look for wind shifts and position the boat tactically to avoid penalties and cross the line in first place. Big job for one man. This is where ETNZ’s team work stands out from the rest – it’s all hands on deck to share the load – excuse the pun. Peter Burling as helmsman, Glen Ashby as wingman and skipper, Blair Tuke on the foils and cycling, and the rest of the crew providing the hydraulic power to maintain speed is a brief description of how they all work together.

It takes more than just executing their individual roles though. According to Harvard Business studies, high performance teams share the following attributes:

  1. Common purpose, goals and approach to work
  2. Complementary skills
  3. Mutual accountability
  4. Highest levels of trust among members
  5. Powerful relationships of team members
  6. Committed to one another’s personal growth and development

Above skill, speed and pure talent at the individual level, the ETNZ practice these fundamentals in a constructive way in order to succeed in the short and long term; as a team. For example, all 6 people on the boat have different complementary skills. Instead of having the whole crew as traditional sailors we have a champion cyclist to boost the hydraulic pressure, complementing the skills that other members on the boat bring. Everyone trusts each other to do their part.

We at REAL, have for a long time understood the benefits of sharing the load, working together as a high performance team and implementing these 6 essentials into our everyday practice. It’s the essence of our mantra “Together we are better than one.” We love it when our customers tell us they feel the difference in our office.

Soon, the excitement will die down and our lives will return to normal after this incredible America’s Cup win – although waking up before the crack of dawn may well be a habit now! Another constant is that Real estate will continue along its hard-to-predict path. One thing that is easy to predict and rely upon however, is the REAL Team and our commitment to offer the very best experience in buying and selling. Our door is open and the coffee machine is firing, so come in and have a chat.

Pete, Steve and the Team.

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March 27, 2016

That America's Cup Buzz