Growing Pains

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Kerikeri and Waipapa are really busy!!! It seems that what we used to call ‘the Christmas holiday rush’ during December and January now starts from Labour Weekend and really doesn’t slow down until May or June!

This can be attributed mainly to the growth that Kerikeri is experiencing, particularly in the retirement sector, as evidenced by some very successful retirement developments such as Heritage Retirement Villas, Quail Ridge, Oakridge, and Orchard Estate. The Auckland area remains our main feeder market, together with a good percentage of overseas buyers who are mainly returning Kiwis.

The result of this growth has put pressure on all of our infrastructure – roads, long traffic queues, parking. It’s a marvel that our future planners implemented Kerikeri’s ‘temporary’ one-way system, which has been in existence now for far longer than what one would consider temporary or acceptable. Not to mention that schools are at full capacity and there is a real lack of tradesmen, resulting in long delays for new builds. Is it not time that the FNDC fronted up with the true population figures within the Kerikeri High School zone? To say that Kerikeri has a population of 6,000–7,000 is simply not true.

It is time to take stock, address the issues as stated and make a plan to get things happening in a positive working relationship with our elected officials. As we all know at REAL, working together achieves more than competing against one another.

Changing tack, from a real estate perspective we note that sales have been strong throughout 2017. There has been an increase in the number of higher-end homes selling and, interestingly, the lower-end of the market ($400,000 – $550,000) has slowed down slightly. This may be attributed directly to the LVR restrictions put in place by the Reserve Bank although there has been news that these restrictions will be eased in the new year which will help those who are currently struggling to save a deposit under the current regime.

We predict business as usual in the new year and are excited about the prospects and changes that are happening in our growing town. We just need to be proactive not reactive and make the most of people wanting to live and invest in our community.

Merry Christmas everyone! May the New Year bring you all happiness and prosperity. If our door is open we are ready to talk!


Pete, Steve and the REAL Team.


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Growing Pains