The REAL Issue - September 2017

Selling in Spring

Greetings Everybody!

At the time of writing this article the nation’s attention is firmly focused on the upcoming election and there is definitely a feeling of uncertainty on how the results will impact the property market. While sales statistics indicate a slow down across the country particularly in Auckland, most are forecasting a steady market after the election due to continuing high levels of inward migration and a general shortage of homes.

Our market in Kerikeri continues to be steady with above average number of sales when compared to the average over the past 10 years. The slight decline on the number of sales from last year can be attributed to a shortage in available homes under $600,000 and not a shortage of buyers. In August, there was only one house sale under $500,000 for the first time in Kerikeri history purely due to limited number of houses for sale in this bracket. Our recent successful auction of 74 Kerikeri Inlet Road at $395,000 with 5 registered bidders confirms the continued demand by buyers for the rare stock in the lower price ranges.

When selling your property in the springtime, you should know how to stand above the rest and increase your odds at success. Many homeowners are unsure of how to proceed when they sell a home in the spring months. With this in mind, here are the top six tips to selling a house in the spring.


Pre-purchase building inspection
When you sell a home, you want it to be in great shape. Otherwise, a potential buyer won’t want to offer the highest price. To do this, you should call a local building inspector who can inspect your home and identify anything that might need some repair or maintenance. This report can be made available to any potential purchasers and can speed up the selling process.
Prepare the yard

After a long winter, the yard can look dirty and disheveled, so you should clean out your yard and throw away old leaves and rubbish. Remember, plenty of folks will check out the yard, and you will want it to look great in the spring. If you already have a nice-looking garden, buy some flowers and place them in and around the garden. It is always great to have some colour in the garden.

Porch and patio
While people love the garden, they also love to check out the porch and patio. Since springtime is a great time of the year to sit on the porch and enjoy the weather, you should improve your patio and make it attractive to potential buyers.

Spring cleaning
Of course, when people want to check out a place, they are likely to enjoy it more if it is clutter-free. If you want to get to get the highest possible offer for your house, you should de-clutter it and get rid of old possessions.

Power wash
If you power wash the sidewalk and parts of the house, you can improve its curb appeal and excite a potential buyer. Think about it: when a person walks up to a house that was recently cleaned, they will be much more interested. This is an inexpensive way to improve your property.

Open it up
When you are marketing your home, you need to accentuate its positives. To do this in the spring, you should open your windows and let the sun shine through. You’ll let in fresh air that makes the house more enjoyable, and also show off the outdoors.

Vote for the REAL Deal
Choosing a candidate to vote for has similarities with choosing an agent to sell your home.
Assess their experience levels and listen to what they have to offer. Don’t discount inexperience or ‘new blood’ but ensure they have sound policies and, above all, assess what backup support they have. A lone voice in parliament is about as effective as a real estate agent operating in isolation. Support is important, and listing with a REAL agent ensures that you have every member of the sales team in the REAL office working for you.
When it comes to real estate, we back ourselves to provide service, satisfaction and results that count. We look forward to you giving REAL your vote of confidence.

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The REAL Issue - September 2017