"Together we are better than one."

Personable, professional, organised

We have been very impressed with the friendly and professional attitude of REAL. Personable, professional, organised, great listeners, good sense of humour and quickly get a feel for what the customer is wanting.

Tony and Stephanie Wilson


I have purchased 2 properties with REAL. Both occasions - brilliant.

Peter Swinburne

Highly professional, great team

What appeared to us from the start was how well REAL works as a team, their knowledge of this area, as well as what properties may be of interest to us.

Phil and Tracey Taylor

Extensive local knowledge

We already feel at home and attribute much of the ease and success of our move to REAL. With their long-standing presence in the area, the company was well equipped with extensive local knowledge to show us a range of properties which suited our requirements.

Ernie and Raewyn Agnew